I made E-Mission at WHACK 2018, the hackathon Wellesley College puts on. It was the first hackathon I went to all by myself–without knowing anyone else at the event! I had a blast, and in 48 hours I had three more friends and an app I was proud of.

At team formation I found someone who was looking for a programmer who had worked with Android before, so I joined up with them. We spent a while brainstorming, and landed on an app that would track how much you drive and let you know how much you’d save by switching to an electric car.

I learned about Android development, taught a lot of it to my teammates, and learned a lot about product development. We couldn’t get in everything we wanted to get, so we had to really prioritize and develop smart. We decided to focus ont he cost savings instead of the GPS integration, so we just used sliders to show how much you’d save based on how much you drive.

After two sleepless nights, I had made a modern Android app and won Best Clean Transportation Hack, and slept the whole way in the uber back to BU.