That Mixtape

This was a warm up website made during Hack Chicago 2018, as part of a one-hour workshop. We made sites inside of repl.it, and then demoed them to each other at the end of the workshop. At the time I didn’t have a laptop other than my dad’s ancient one which I had brought, that crashed when trying to open a text editor. This was probably the smoothest time coding I had during that hackathon, although of course my browser crashed twice over that hour!

I later revisted the site and spruced it up more to get it working on mobile and have betetr animaitons. The music that played is no longer hosted though, but the site itself lives on.

For the rest of Hack Chicago, I’d help with planning, designing, and wireframing our product as well as coding on the other’s computers when they slept or snacked. Mine literally couldn’t open the editor they were using–cloud9 for coding together, firebase console, or run any commands in the console to build the site locally. We did end up winning though, with a site that lets people upload pictures and view them for their event (with a password) to provide a solution to get images to each other after events across platforms. And we won… Best Presentation! My time spent designing and presenting our stuff paid off!