This is the first app I’ve taken from development to a full release on the app store all by myself! It’s on both the Android and iOS app stores.

This project actually started as an Android-only app I made at McHacks 2019, since I had just started as the webmaster for the college radio station and wanted to make an app for it. I was able to release it on the store during that hackathon–although it didn’t get up on Google’s servers till the next day.

I then started reworking the app to run off React Native so I could develop for iOS, without actually owning an iPhone or a Mac of my own. I got to feature parity, and then got it running on an iPhone emulator using my friend’s machine briefly. A week later, I had my first release on the Apple App Store! There’s still a lot of features I want to add in updates, and I will be supporting this app while I’m still webmaster at WTBU. I can’t wait to see how the app continues to grow!